Our Technology

24 Seven Fees Technology

There has never been as much data available to real estate professionals as there is today. Now, you just need products that use state-of-the-art technology to harness that information and turn it into usable solutions for you and your customers. 

That’s where the 24|Seven Fees team delivers for you. We build and then support custom API, along with apps that take your data and put it to work for you through our modern pricing engine for the highest-achieving real estate professionals and companies. 

How our tech stands out

Test Coverage

We build our solutions with a suite of unit and integration tests to ensure the software works as expected. This suite provides a “safety net” against additional bugs or regression.

Containerized Applications

We containerize our applications and APIs with Docker and use Kubernetes to ensure the they can be deployed on any major cloud platform or even in-house. This gives you the flexibility to deploy your APIs or apps where you want them as well as providing a predictable deployment environment.

OpenAPI Spec

We use Contract-First development of our APIs using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). This provides a standard, language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs which allows both developers and software to easily understand and use the capabilities of the APIs. This leads to faster integration times for development teams using your APIs.


We build REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs using JSON as the preferred format for exchange of data. This provides a flexible API with smaller payload sizes — giving you lightening fast response times and an easier platform for 3rd party integrators.

Kong API Gateway

Viking Sasquatch uses the Kong API gateway to provide for all of the cross-cutting concerns that most companies mistakenly implement in API source code such as security, rate limiting, caching, and logging. Kong provides us with an extensible library of plugins to handle all of these cross-cursing concerns as well as the ability to write your own plugins.