For Title

When large title agents must deal with multiple underwriters and transactions in several states and jurisdictions with different fee structures and costs, the calculations for estimates get more complex. This is why having a custom-built solution, designed to solve for complexity, is so important. Our tools integrate into whatever you need and are as well-built as they are easy to use.

We know what our customers are looking for in the title space because our team has the experience in this industry. We’re the mixture of great technology and title insurance expertise you can trust to provide a product that actually solves your needs and fixes your pain points.

For Lenders

The importance of a front-end solution when it comes to providing estimates for home loans has never been more evident than it is today. You must do everything possible so the Loan Estimate matches the Closing Disclosure. Loan officers must be able to shop vendor rates – and have those rates automatically populate their origination software. With property taxes, appraisal and M&I fees taken into account, 24|Seven Fees is the comprehensive solution you need to provide loan estimates for your customers.

For Licensing

Our custom-built, enterprise-level APIs are designed to be scaled, meaning the solutions can easily be licensed by banks, underwriters and others that want to provide their most productive and innovative partners with solutions to ensure they stay on the cutting-edge.
All our products are built with the sophistication needed to handle any complexity you – or your top-producing customers face – and our team would love to partner as an enterprise solution for you.